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Burning Ghost
15 April 1982
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Eccentric slightly fruity bisexual guy armed with analogies that could break neurons, a tendency to ramble on to epic apocalyptic proportions and a really random sense of humour. Abuses commas frequently, likes to eat meat in many forms, watches cult movies at 3 in the morning while eating candy, rants about the mental health care system and is certifiably cuckoo, never updates journals, likes to read gay and girl-girl porn about real musicians and actors, comes with a handy carrying trolley with fashionable straps and restraint mask, has a filthy mind in very inappropriate situations, is a cheeky Brit lad at heart, wants a cookie and a spanking preferably by a brassy leather-clad lady with sexy androgyny along the lines of Annie Lennox or Grace Jones or by a sketchy looking middle-aged skinny British guy.
aboriginal spirituality, alan ball, american animation, animation, anti-emo, anti-otaku, anti-yaoi, art films, batman: the animated series, birds, bisexual, blade runner, boogiepop phantom, brad bird, campy, cartoons, charles delint, charlie kaufman, corvids, cowboy bebop, crispin hellion glover, danny elfman, daria, dark city, dave mckean, dead like me, echo and the bunnymen, experimental music, father ted, fawlty towers, folklore, french and saunders, fry and laurie, ftm, gargoyles, gattaca, gavin crawford, ghost world, guillermo del toro, hayao miyazaki, homestar runner, homsar, humanism, individualism, individualist, jim henson, jim jarmusch, joe jackson, kate bush, kids in the hall, kino's journey, kitsch, lgbt, lost in translation, mental health, mental illness, millennium, monty python, mythology, native american, neil gaiman, nes, new model army, new wave music, nick bantock, nick cave, nick park, objectivism, obsessive compulsive disorder, oingo boingo, old punk, originality, pansexual, paranoia agent, parapsychology, parody, patients rights, peter gabriel, phantom of the paradise, philip k. dick, pinky and the brain, pixar, post-punk, progressive anime, psychology, queer rights, sandman, satire, second life, secular humanism, shriekback, six feet under, slash, slash fanfiction, snes, social issues, social psychology, social science, stephen fry, strong bad, surreal humour, talking heads, terry gilliam, the awful truth, the boomtown rats, the chameleons, the daily show, the dark crystal, the mekons, the mighty boosh, the muppets, the office uk, the office us, the simpsons, the the, the tick, this is spinal tap, tom waits, tourette syndrome, trainwreck syndrome, transgender, treatment resistant, underground cinema, wall of voodoo, watchmen, wtf, xtc, yoko kanno


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